Intelligent Design Crew


Major Stations:Rhea (Kronos Cluster)

The ID Crew specializes in electronic crimes and information brokerage, including credit and repfraud, identity counterfeiting, ego trading, data theft, and forknapping. Information on the syndicate’s origins was lost during the Fall, but the ID Crew is believed to have grown from several hacker gangs assimilated under the leadership of an infomorph consortium. Their skilled use of memory manipulation software and mesh intrusion suggests they benefit from the help of sophisticated AGIs, however it is unknown if these voluntarily assist the syndicate or if they are somehow threatened into cooperation. Due to its service sector, the ID Crew maintains a minimalist physical profile but can be found lingering in the dark recesses of almost any habitat or station mesh. Its somewhat specialized services and activities allow them to mostly stay clear of triad or Night Cartel operations, though they have an ongoing rivalry with the Nine Lives syndicate.

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Intelligent Design Crew

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